Rules for the Bidding Process

To bid on a project, follow the “BID NOW” button and you will be redirected CHEO’s auction website – BiddingForGood. Project tiles will be sold off in a silent auction that will close when the event ends where only the winning bid will be processed. To submit a bid, you will need to create a BiddingForGood account and register a credit card with it; however, note that if your company would prefer to send in a cheque or e-transfer at the end of the auction instead, that can be arranged and the registered credit card will not be charged. The starting price for each project tile is $500 – subsequent bids must be an increase of at least $500 from the previous bid.

There are 26 project tiles, 4 trades tiles and 6 Chance tiles.

The project tiles make up the usual property tiles of a Monopoly game and consist of 26 projects that PCL/ED are currently working on or have worked on in the past with many great partners. Show your company pride by snatching one of these tiles!

The highest contributor by a participant on a project will have their company name and logo associated with that tile. The project tiles will be inserted onto the CHEO-OPOLY board based on the highest to lowest final bids for each project. The highest bids being on Boardwalk Pl. (dark blue) moving counterclockwise and lowest bids being on Mediterranean Ave. (brown) If you are outbid, you can increase your total contribution in the name of a project by submitting a higher bid, but you must use the same name and email when submitting.

Corner tiles will be awarded to the top contributors of the event; the top four contributors will be featured on the corner tiles descending in rank with the same pattern as the project tiles. Trade tiles will be auctioned off identically to the project tiles with the added incentive of representing your company’s trade as the top contributor of your discipline.

Chance tiles will be awarded to companies in a raffle draw at the end of the event. To qualify for the raffle draw purchase the $25 raffle tickets; the more tickets you buy, the higher the chances of winning!

Everyone who has donated in the name of a Project tile will have their name included somewhere on the board, even if they are not the tile winner. Companies who bid on the Chance tile only and are not the tile winner will not be added to the board.