Starting in November 2020 and for 4 weeks, PCL/ED will be auctioning off a number of Monopoly Board "properties" to raise money for the CHEO Foundation!

In addition to benefiting the children and families in the communities where we live, work, and play, this initiative is designed to create networking connections between local companies. It may also lead to future partnerships in projects, and it provides participating companies with the opportunity to advertise what they have accomplished.

The Concept, Explained...

PCL/ED will be creating a custom Monopoly game board to raise money for the CHEO-OPOLY foundation, where the tiles will be projects that the joint company have delivered or are delivering around the Ottawa area and surrounding region.

Contractors and trades who have worked with PCL/ED are invited to bid on these tiles in an online silent auction to get their company logo and name printed on them. After the bidding has closed, the final board design will be sent in to be printed through a third party and it will be sent out to everyone who participated. The names of all bidding companies will be included in the centre of the board.


What do your donations do?

wig wig2

Pediatric Wig

$500 each

Children and youth who lose their hair due to chemotherapy can feel self-conscious. Donors help staff to purchase wigs that are specially designed for children. As a donor you help patients with their self-esteem and to feel more like themselves.


Botox Injections


Botox injections are a common treatment given to children diagnosed with complex medical needs, including cerebral palsy, to address posterior drooling. Families can quickly max out their annual Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD) funds, and Botox is not covered by any public health plans and very few private insurance programs. The cost for each treatment is $450 and treatments are typically prescribed to repeat every four to six months. Your donor dollars ensure that more children are able to receive this medication that greatly improves their quality of life. 


Medical Doll

$2,500 each

Learning through play is extremely important at CHEO. These hyper realistic dolls are used to demonstrate medical procedures to children before their treatment – for example administering chemotherapy. Giving kids a chance to see what is going to happen and have a chance to try giving the procedure to the doll is educational, calming and lets them take control of a situation that is scary and otherwise out of their hands.


VAT Team Cart

$5,000 each

Children who spend many months in a hospital bed with limited movement are at a higher risk to develop pressure sores. This very painful complication is preventable with the help of a fluid-based mattress overlay that redistributes the pressure. Children are made to feel much more comfortable through immersion and envelopment in the special padding. Without a dedicated fluid overlay mattress, CHEO has had to rent the service, putting patients at risk for delayed care.

3D Printer

3D Printer

$7,500 each

CHEO techs have brought in their personal 3D printers from HOME and the 2 printers have been in use in the department for 3 years. The printers have been used almost continuously for audiology and many other applications.


Ultrasound Machine

$40,000 each

Kids undergoing cancer treatment need to have lumbar punctures (LPs) to check for cancer cells or for infections. The LP uses a needle inserted in the lower back to check the fluid that circulates round the brain and spinal cord. A challenging procedure at any time, it can be even more difficult for larger children. The ultrasound machine for guided lumbar punctures helps decrease sedation time and ease pain during recovery for kids enduring this test at such a vulnerable time in their lives.